Improved Sectioned Images and Surface Models of the Whole Female Body

DOI : 10.4067/S0717-95022015000400022
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Hyo Seok Park; Dai Hai Choi & Jin Seo Park


The objective of this research was to present high-quality sectioned images of a whole female body which would be helpful in creating an atlas, virtual dissection, and various applications for medical education and clinical trial. In addition, the authors sought to demonstrate the applicabilities of sectioned images. A female cadaver was ground serially using the cryomacrotome and photographed to make the sectioned images. Structures in the images were segmented to produce segmented images in Photoshop. In the self-developed browsing software, the sectioned and segmented images were stored. Based on the segmented images, surface models were built on commercial software and saved as PDF file. High-quality sectioned images of the female body were taken (intervals, 0.2 mm or 1 mm; pixel size, 0.1 mm; color depth, 48 bit color). In the images obtained, very small and complicated structures could be identified in color of living body. In order to ascertain the applicability of the images, the browsing software including sectioned and segmented images and the PDF file including surface models were produced. The sectioned images and surface models produced during this research will prove to be a useful source for medical software. All data generated is available free of charge.

KEY WORDS: Whole body imaging; Cross sectional anatomy; Female; Three-dimensional imaging; Visible Human Project.

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PARK, H. S.; CHOI, D. H. & PARK, J. S. Improved sectioned images and surface models of the whole female body. Int. J. Morphol., 33(4):1323-1332, 2015.