Histomorphology of Liver, Testicle and Body Fat in Farm Rabbits Fed with an Obesogenic Diet During the Peripuberal Period

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Nancy Guadalupe Mejía Huerta; Alejandro Córdova Izquierdo; Jesús Aragón Hernández; Fernando Iván Flores Pérez & Mario Pérez-Martínez


Two groups were formed in order to evaluate the effect of an obesogenic diet on body and liver weight, body fat accumulation and the histometric characteristics of liver and testicles of New Zealand rabbits during the peripuberal period. One group received a standard farm diet and the other received a standard farm diet with canola oil added. During the study, weight of both groups was recorded. At the end of the study, the rabbits were euthanized and liver, testicles, and visceral, scapular and scrotal fat were weighed. Tissue samples were obtained from liver and testicles to carry out histometric analysis. Body weight, body mass index, liver and visceral fat weight were significantly different (P<0.01) in the obesogenic diet when compared to the control group. Notwithstanding, there were no significant differences between both groups in testicular weight, and scapular and scrotal fat (P>0.01). Histometry of the liver of the obesogenic diet group showed the greater total area and greater nucleus area of hepatocytes in the square lobe, right lobe and left lobe medial segment (P<0.01). Histometry of both testicles of individuals from the obesogenic diet group had a greater germinal epithelial thickness and intertubular intersticium (P<0.01). It is concluded that New Zealand male rabbits that received an obesogenic diet during 12 weeks had a higher liver and body weight, as well as, an important increased visceral fat. Furthermore, said diet caused histometric changes in liver and testicles. This set confirms that the domestic rabbit is a good model for the study of the body fat accumulation process associated to the consumption of an obesogenic diet and its effects on liver and testicles.

KEY WORDS: Histometry; Rabbits; Liver; Testicle; Weight; Peripuberal period.

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MEJÍA, H. N. G.; CÓRDOVA, I. A.; ARAGÓN, H. J.; FLORES, P. F. I. & PÉREZ-MARTÍNEZ, M. Histomorphology of liver, testicle and body fat in farm rabbits fed with an obesogenic diet during the peripuberal period. Int. J. Morphol., 33(4):1371-1376, 2015.