Biometric Characteristics of Ear Ossicles in Chilean Subjects

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Binvignat, O.; Meza, S.; Torrez, J. C. & Olave, E.


The growth and development of the ossicles of the middle ear do not show large variations after birth. New technologies in implant surgery, correction and treatment of diseases of the middle ear require an increasingly larger biometric knowledge of these ossicles. Therefore, we studied 22 Malleus, 16 Incus and 3 Stapes of male adult subjects, from dry corpses, and, one Malleus, one Incus and one Stapes of a seven-month-old male fetus, all Chilean subjects from the Central Region in Chile. These bones were analyzed and photographed with a model OPMI Microscope tilting binocular tube with stereoscopic 3D image. Metric data were obtained with the AxioVision L.E Carl Zeiss software. The malleus had an average length from head to apex of 8.08 mm, the anterior process had a length of 0.76 mm, the long limb of the incus was an average length of 3.37 mm and the short limb 3.07 mm, the base of the stapes measured 2.53 mm. The results are a contribution to the knowledge of ear ossicles in our population.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Biometric parameters; Middle Ear; Ossicles.

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BINVIGNAT, O.; MEZA, S.; TORREZ, J. C. & OLAVE, E. Biometric characteristics of ear ossicles in Chilean subjects. Int. J. Morphol., 33(3):914-919, 2015.