Software to Browse the Pictures of Two Knees in Diverse States of Dissection, Flexion and Rotation

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Beom Sun Chung; Jin Seo Park; Hae Gwon Jang & Min Suk Chung


The aim of this study was to produce pictures of the knees from an embalmed cadaver and another fresh cadaver with various levels of dissection, flexion, and rotation, consequently to aid medical students and doctors in studying knee anatomy. In this study, we intended to improve the accessibility of the numerous knee photographs, by entering them into our own made browsing software. This software could be downloaded for free from the website ( In the software, a displayed array consisted of four pictures: a knee at three different depths of dissection and the same knee in flexed state. The knee could be rotated interactively at every 5° angle. Annotation of important knee structures could be seen at 90° angle intervals. With the browsing software, users were able to observe detailed and realistic features of the dissected and flexed knees. Furthermore, the comparison of embalmed and fresh knees enhanced understanding of the genuine appearance of the knee. The software and extractable image data can be used as anatomy education materials for various purposes.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Cadaver; Knee; Medical education; User-computer interface.

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CHUNG, B. S.; PARK, J. S.; JANG, H. G. & CHUNG, M. S. Software to browse the pictures of two knees in diverse states of dissection, flexion and rotation. Int. J. Morphol., 33(3):1009-1015, 2015.