Anthropometric Profile in Chilean Handball Players According to Playing Position

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Barraza, F.; Yáñez, R.; Tuesta, M.; Núñez, P.; Zamora, Y. & Rosales, G.  


The primary purpose of this research was to determine the relationship between the anthropometric profile and jump capacity of male handball players from the Fifth Region of Chile and the National Handball Team and their specific position in the playing field. In the evaluation 74 handball players participated from the following teams: Club Italiano Villa Alemana, Club Italiano Quillota, Club Luterano, Club Viña del Mar, Club San José and the National Handball Team. Participants were in the cadet category aged 14 ­ 16. The results showed that within anthropometric variables, players from the Chilean Handball Team and the Club Italiano Villa Alemana are the closest to fulfilling all the criteria required to reach high competitive levels in this category. In reference to anthropometric variables, fat mass proved to be negatively related to jump height reached in all groups tested, while muscle mass presented significant correlation with the jump capacity in most of the teams. Regarding the somatotype, results obtained agree with the theoretical referents. These establish that handball player's somatotype is more likely to be mesomorph. The correlation indexes demonstrate that a lower fat mass percentage and a higher muscle mass percentage enhance the jump capacity in all playing positions. It is clear now that fat mass and muscle mass are important indicators when determining the jump capacity performance in players with similar characteristics of the ones in this study. This research is important in setting comparative parameters in the selection process and sport specialization regarding anthropometric characteristics and jump capacity according to specific position of handball players in the cadet category.

KEY WORDS: Anthropometric profile; Body composition; Somatotype; Jump capacity; Handball.

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BARRAZA, F.; YÁÑEZ, R.; TUESTA, M.; NUÑEZ, P.; ZAMORA, Y. & ROSALES, G. Anthropometric profile in Chilean handball players according to playing position. Int. J. Morphol., 33(3):1093-1101, 2015.