Mass Adipose Prediction Percentage through Biolectrical Impedance and Anthropometric Method

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Yuing, F. T. A; Almagià, A. F.; Lizana, P. J.; Rodríguez, R. F. J.; Gallardo, L. R.; Nieto, C. F.; Verdejo, S. A.; Ivanovic, D. M. & Binvignat,O.


This case was developed with the objective of makes a prediction equation of adipose mass percent in values anthropometric, to star off the predetermined slant of instruments of impedance bioelectric TANITA. This is based in the premise that every day the importance of estimation about the fat mass in a clinic level, it is getting bigger and bigger, for this reason a population of twenty eight people with age range fluctuate among twenty to twenty eight was evaluated, they were part of "Escuela de Caballería Blindada" in the city of Quillota. The Pertinent measurements for the estimation of fatty mass were realized through of impedance bioelectric and anthropometry, the results made big differences between both methods, obtaining an index of correlation coefficient a 0.13 and a person correlation of 0.34. This suggests that possible creation does not accomplish with the criteria homescedasticity, in brief, this is unsafe.

KEY WORDS: Anthropometry; Impedance bioelectric; Equation of prediction.

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YUING, F. T. A.; ALMAGIÀ, A. F.; LIZANA, P. J.; RODRIGUEZ, R. F. J.; GALLARDO, L. R.; NIETO, C. F.; VERDEJO, S. A.; IVANOVIC, D. & BINVIGNAT, O. Mass adipose prediction percentage through biolectrical impedance and anthropometric method. Int. J. Morphol., 30(3):872-876, 2012.