Effect of Increased Temperature, Frequency and Feed Ration on Growth of Juvenile Turbot Psetta maxima

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Renzo Pepe-Victoriano; Alfonso Silva; Alonso Vega; Miguel Araya & Lorena Cornejo


The influence of water temperature (17 and 20°C), frequency (4 and 6) and feed ration level (2.5% and 3.5%) on the growth and survival of juvenile turbot (Psetta maxima) in a commercial productive system was investigated over 35 days. The results indicate that fish from the experimental protocol exhibited better growth and significant difference in specific growth rate than those raised with basic protocol, without affecting survival that remains at 99.8%. It is suggested further studies to isolate or define exactly the synergistic effect of the variables defined and complement the results obtained with an econometric study which evaluate their real economic contribution within the productive chain of culture.

KEY WORDS: Fish production; Culture protocol; Survival.

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PEPE-VICTORIANO, R.; SILVA, A.; VEGA, A.; ARAYA, M. & CORNEJO, L. Effect of increased temperature, frequency and feed ration on growth of juvenile turbot Psetta maxima. Int. J. Morphol., 30(3):902-907, 2012.