Influence of Laser Therapy and Muscle Relaxant on the Masseter Muscle under Occlusal Wear - An Ultrastructural Study

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Márcio Vieira Lisboa; Antônio Luiz Barbosa Pinheiro; Marcos André Vannier dos Santos; Abrahão Fontes Baptista; Ana Paula Cavalcanti de Sousa; Alberto de Aguiar Pires Valença Neto & Jean Nunes dos Santos


The aim of this study was to analyze the influence of low-intensity laser therapy and muscle relaxant in the characteristic ultra structural masseter muscle occlusal wear. Animals and Methods: 40 male Wistar rats were randomly divided into four groups: the control group (GI), occlusal wear (G-II), laser occlusal wear (G-III), and the muscle relaxant occlusal wear (G-IV). Under general anesthesia given intraperitoneally, animals in groups II, III and IV had unilateral amputation of upper and lower molar cusps to simulate an occlusal wear situation. The masseter muscle G-III received laser therapy (830nm, 4J/cm2, 40mW, f ~ 2mm) and the procedure was subsequently repeated every other day for 14/30 days. G-IV animals were treated with daily injection of dantrolene ® (2.5 mg / kg in 0.5 ml of H2O). From 24 hours after the elimination peak. The animals were euthanized with an overdose of anesthesia on days 14 and 30 after the removal of the cusps and the ipsilateral masseter muscle was excised and divided in two, one half was routinely processed for light microscopy and other for electron microscopy. There was no statistical difference between each experimental group and the control and between periods in each experimental group. However, the muscle fibers in the G-II showed the most pronounced changes. There is no causal relationship between muscles fibers injuries and occlusion and, despite signs of muscular tissue injury were more evident in the occlusal wear group. Results indicates a moderate action of laser therapy and muscle relaxants in skeletal muscle.

KEY WORDS: Lasertherapy; Ultrastructure; Dental occlusion; Masseter muscle relaxant.

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LISBOA, M. V.; PINHEIRO, B. A. L.; DOS SANTOS, V. M. A.; BAPTISTA, F. A.; DE SOUSA, C. A. P.; PIRES VALENÇA NETO, P. A. A. & DOS SANTOS, N. J. Influence of laser therapy and muscle relaxant on the masseter muscle under occlusal wear – an ultrastructural study. Int. J. Morphol., 30(3):999-1006, 2012.