Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity and Healing Potential of Mucous Secretion of Achatina fulica

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Wagno Alcântara Santana; Cláudia Moura de Melo; Juliana Cordeiro Cardoso; Rose Nely Pereira-Filho; Alessandra Silva Rabelo; Francisco Prado Reis & Ricardo Luiz Cavalcanti de Albuquerque-Júnior


Achatina fulica's secretion has been recently related to antibacterial, antifungal, and cicatricial properties, and it is influenced by the kind of food offered. Therefore, this study investigated the healing potential of dressing films based on mucous secretion of Achatina fulica. Thus, surgical wounds performed in black wistar rats were dressed with films based on collagen, and on mucous secretion of A. fulica fed with Lactuca sativa; undresses worked as wounds control. After 3, 7, 14 and 21 days the animals were euthanized, and the wounds were microscopically evaluated. On the 3rd and 7th days dressing films based on mucus provided acceleration of the formation maturation of granulation tissue, better epithelization rates, and more rapid replacement of type III for type I collagen fibers. On the 14th and 21st days, these dressings induced more intense deposition and better architectural disposition of type I collagen fibers, and hastened the regeneration of cutaneous phaneros. Dressings obtained from A. fulica fed with Lactuca sativa provided the most expressive results. This study suggests that films produced with mucous secretion of A. fulica can be successfully employed as wound dressing, particularly if snails are fed with Lactuca sativa.

KEY WORDS: Wound healing; Wound dressing; Land snails; Mucus.

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SANTANA, W. A.; MELO, C. M.; CARDOSO, J. C.; PEREIRA-FILHO, R. N.; RABELO, A. S.; REIS, F. P. & ALBUQUERQUE- JÚNIOR, R. L. C. Assessment of antimicrobial activity and healing potential of mucous secretion of Achatina fulica. Int. J. Morphol., 30(2):365-373, 2012.