Peribiliar Gland Hamartoma: Report of Two Cases

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Oscar Tapia E.; Renato Becker H. & Lilia Antonio P.


Peribiliary gland hamartoma (PGH) or bile duct adenoma corresponds to a benign liver tumor, which represents only 1.3% of all primary liver tumors. Corresponds to a macroscopically well-defined round lesion, subcapsular, and is usually diagnosed as an intra-operative findings or autopsy. We report two patients with incidental diagnosis of PGH conducted in the Pathology Unit of the Hospital Hernán Henríquez in Temuco.

KEY WORDS: Peribiliary gland hamartoma; Bile duct adenoma; Peribiliary gland.

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TAPIA, E. O.; BECKER, H. R. & ANTONIO, P. L. Peribiliar gland hamartoma: report of two cases. Int. J. Morphol., 30(2):673-676, 2012.