Prediction of Explosive Power of Basketball Players Based on their Morpho-Functional Characteristics

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Agron M. Rexhepi; Behlul Brestovci & Azbije Mucolli


The aim of this study was to define the morpho-functional variables that best predict the explosive power of the lower extremities of basketball players of Kosova. On 113 basketball players average aged 21.3 years old, 15 morpho-functional variables were measured: Stature, Body Weight, Humeral Perimeter, Chest Perimeter, Abdominal Perimeter, Thigh Perimeter, Calf Perimeter, Triceps Skinfold, Subscapular Skinfold, Abdominal Skinfold, Thigh Skinfold, Calf Skinfold, Heart Rate, VO2max.rel., and Explosive Power that was tested through Margaria-Kalamen Test. All tested basketball players are competitors in the Super League of Kosova. Linear regression of the data indicates that the system of 13 morpho-functional predictive variables explains 62.5% of total variability of the dependant variable. The variables that indicate positive influence on dependant variable ­ explosive power of the lower extremities are: Thigh Perimeter (b=.413), Chest Perimeter (b=.316), and Heart Rate (-2.01). According to the results of this study, one can conclude that basketball players with higher values of the volume of thighs, with balanced muscles and core stability, as well with low rate of heart frequency during resting period, will have higher explosive power of the lower extremities. So, the conditional coaches, during the training with the young basketball players, should pay more attention to develop these morphometrical variables.

KEY WORDS: Regressive analyses; Perimeter; Muscles; Thighs.

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REXHEPI, A. M.; BRESTOVCI, B. & MUCOLLI, A. Prediction of explosive power of basketball players based on their morpho- functional characteristics. Int. J. Morphol., 30(2):719-722, 2012.