Radiographical and Macroscopical Visualization of Fourth Molars: a Report of Four Cases in Maxilla

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Ramón Fuentes; Eduardo Borie & Víctor Beltrán


Supernumerary teeth are defined as the existence of a higher number of teeth in relation to normal dental formula. The development of supernumerary teeth can happen at different times of the life and can be detected either, clinically or radiographically. The relation between supernumerary teeth and nonsyndromic cases have been reported once in a while in the literature. In this report are presented four cases of nonsyndromic patients with fourth molars in the maxilla, which were described macroscopically and radiographically.

KEY WORDS: Fourth molar; Supernumerary teeth; Radiograph.

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FUENTES, R.; BORIE, E. & BELTRÁN, V. Radiographical and macroscopical visualization of fourth molars: a report of four cases in maxilla. Int. J. Morphol., 30(1):115-118, 2012.