Concept Mapping and Problem-Based Learning Content in Anatomical and Physiological in Students for a Public Competition To Be Teachers in Secundary Education

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Antonio Baena-Extremera & Antonio Granero-Gallegos


The aim of this study was to compare the learning achievement of students who prepared the opposition to be teachers in Secondary Education in the speciality of Physical Education, after receiving training in different thematic areas of anatomy and physiology through different teaching and learning methods: concept mapping (CMaps), problem-based learning (PBL) and combined use of both methods. Methodology: We used a quasi-experimental, descriptive and sectional methodological design. The total sample consisted of 180 students, 95 males and 85 females. We worked with a group of 64 people who received training through CMaps, another 61 students who received training PBL, and a third group of 55 which works by combining both methods. The measuring instrument was a questionnaire type assessment test for each content block. Pretest measure was obtained before training and other measures after the intervention (posttest). Improvements were analyzed in each group according to the method of teaching applied and compared the results obtained by analysis of gain scores (posttest-pretest) with T-test for related samples. Results: After intervention the mean score is above eighty percent in the five blocks analyzed, with the physiology and anatomy in the most evolved. PBL has proven more effective than CMaps, but the highest improvements, compared to pretest, are in the group that has studied combining CMaps + PBL. The results were discussed, in agreement with other authors, the need to consider greater use of PBL as a method of teaching and learning and using a mixed methodological approach students acquire greater skills and competencies.

KEY WORDS: Methodology; Concept mapping; Problem-based learning.

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BAENA-EXTREMERA, A. & GRANERO-GALLEGOS, A. Concept mapping and problem-based learning content in anatomical and physiological in students for a public competition to be teachers in Secundary Education. Int. J. Morphol., 30(1):230-237, 2012.