Analysis of Body Composition and Somatotype of Junior and Cadet Judokas in the 2012 Spanish Championship

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Torres, F. J.; Lara-Padilla, E.; Sosa-Tallei, G. & Berral, F. J.


The aim of the study was to analyze body composition and somatotype of the judokas participants at the Spanish Junior Championship. We analyzed 97 male judokas (n= 97): 57 junior (13.33±0.66 years) and 40 cadets (15.18±0.74 years), through a Tetracompartimental Fractionation and the somatotype through a Heath-Carter method. In junior category, 48.11% of muscle mass, 25.49% of residual mass, 14.80% of fat mass and 11.56% of bone mass. In cadet category, 47.67% of muscle mass, 25.25% of residual mass, 16.46% of fat mass and 10.57% of bone mass. Significant differences were found only in the bone compartment between both groups. The average somatotype for both categories was Ectomorph Balanced.

KEY WORDS: Judoka; Tetracompartimental Fractionation; Somatotype; Body Composition; Anthropometry.

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TORRES, F. J.; LARA-PADILLA, E.; SOSA-TALLEI, G. & BERRAL, F. J. Analysis of body composition and somatotype of junior and cadet judokas in the 2012 spanish championship. Int. J. Morphol., 32(1):194-201, 2014.