Structure of the Nose in Patients with Class III Facial Deformities

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Sergio Olate; Mario Cantín; Bélgica Vásquez & Gabriela Olate


The aim of this study was to obtain information on some morphological aspects of the nose structure in subjects with class III facial deformities. A study was carried out by computed cone beam tomography in 20 patients between 18 and 35 years of age to measure pyriform aperture, nasal bones, dorsal nasal angle and superior lip angle; the study was realized on system software, measurement was realized in standardized conditions and the data analyzed was descriptive and with student ´t´ test considering p<0.05 for statistical significance. The results showed high variations in nasal bones height and pyriform aperture shape; measurement showed some variations with nasal-lip angle with values less than 104o, considered outside of the normality. In some of the measurements, anatomical variations of the nose in these subjects was clear; there were no significant statistical differences in any of the measurements in this sample. It was concluded that there are important variations in the anatomical form and new measurements should be evaluated for their use in diagnosis and treatment.

KEY WORDS: Facial deformity; Nose; Facial morphometry.

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OLATE, S.; CANTÍN, M.; VÁSQUEZ, B. & OLATE, G. Structure of the Nose in Patients with Class III Facial Deformities. Int. J. Morphol., 32(1):338-338, 2014.